Davis Vantage Pro2 Console day highs backlight on
TEMP OUT °C 00:00h BAROMETER hPa 00:24h HUM OUT % 04:01h TEMP IN °C GUST km/h 00:54h DEW POINT °C 01:03h CHILL °C DAY HIGHS
SOLAR 0 W/m2 00:00h UV 0.0 index 00:00h

LAMPS - Display backlight on/off
FORECAST - Show the Davis VP Console forecast also with backlight on/off
HI/LOW - Show day hi/low data also with backlight on/off
DONE - Back to VP Console actual data display

Based on script by Axelvold's weather & Photo and Stenestads Väder, modification by Weatherstation Pertteli, icons by Sääasema Teutari